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Margaret Woodall: Paintings and Drawings

About the Artist

Margaret Woodall trained to teach Art at Goldsmiths College, London from 1948 to 1951. She taught Art in Hull from 1951 to 1955, then married and moved to Reading and taught Art there for three years. She took a break from teaching to have two children, returning to the profession in the late 1960s via part-time and temporary jobs. The family moved to Stafford in 1970, and Margaret taught Art in Cannock from the early 1970s, staying at the same school until she retired from teaching in 1985. During that time she also studied for a B.Ed in Art and Design at West Midlands College, Walsall, graduating in 1981.

Margaret has worked with the Stafford Art Group since 1990 and shown her work frequently at their exhibitions. She has also held seven one-woman exhibitions since 1989, two of them in Eccleshall Library, one in Hanley Library and four at the Ancient High House in Stafford. All of these exhibitions included oils, pastels, watercolours and drawings, in various styles, of trees, flowers and people.

If you know the Stafford area, you'll recognise local beauty spots such as Cannock Chase and Wolseley Park in her paintings, but Margaret takes her sketch-book with her when travelling as well, and you will also find responses here to the solitude of the Greek islands and the crowds of London.

When not painting, Margaret enjoys gardening and playing with her grandchildren - and teaching them to draw!

To contact Margaret, you can send her email at margaretwoodall@littlepinkcloud.com.

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